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Heartz On Fyyr




In this place you will find more than one purpose. This site serves as the introduction to a hobby newly explored by my family- Heartrocks. Heart-shaped rocks colored and painted a whirl-wind of designs; or, you can request a specific design. Also, this site is a key link to what we believe will be the next awesome lyricist- Blaq Tiger, also known locally for his unique poems and addictive stories...To learn more just click the links,and let your mind wander.

Feel free to review any poems, stories or songs posted by Blaq Tiger on this site. If you are interested in viewing more of any/all the above, or if you would like to purchase any/all of the above he can be contacted via e-mail as blaqtiger6 at yahoo. Also available are his professional entertainment services. Those you have to ask him about personally; his yahoo screenname is blaqtiger6. thank you for your time! P.S. all items here are copywritten, to avoid any silly legal troubles.

For price information/deals e-mail us at mysssticalheartlock at yahoo. To order an "average" heartrock simply send $4.99 (m.o.;cash is discouraged) to Jason, box 34, cannon, ky, 40923. Make check payable to Susan Connell.