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Heartz On Fyyr

Poet, creative-writer, novelist, song-writer, singer/rapper and all around handy-man. *wink* In search of a other musicians, singers, rappers and writers; locations must be negotionable.


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The tiger has come to please the night,
with stripes of Blaq and skin of white.
It claws your dreams and bleeds your desires,
it drinks of your lust and quenches your desires.

The tiger has come to walk the night,
with skin of Blaq and stripes of white.
It listens to Moon and growls to Sky,
it wields it's claws to make things right.
The tiger has come but cannot be seen,
sniffing out hate and purring to dreamz.
It once was lost but nowis found,
but bears the cost of wearing it's crown.
The tiger has come to help a child,
tamed by she who shares her smile.
Forged from hopes and just-might-be's,
it bears it's teeth from deep in me!

More to come later- this site is new...thanks.